Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's in my Purse / Diaper bag!?!

DIY- Pre-moistened Makeup Removing Wipes!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things people never tell you about being post-partum

Things people never tell you about being post-partum. 

  1. You will cry, a lot.
  2. you won't feel like yourself for at least 9 months.
  3. Sometimes you'll be so happy with your new life, and sometimes you wont. Its all normal. 
  4. You will be unhappy with your body and how you don't look like you use to for a long time.
  5. you will have problems figuring out who you are now.
  6. you will have moments when you feel all you do, is be a mother. Like you're forgetting who you use to be ( and still are ).
  7. you will probably yell at your husband a lot.
  8. you won't feel pretty, a lot of the times.
  9. you will feel fat.
  10. your boobs will never be the same.
 Now, I realize no one is the same, and maybe you never felt any of those things after having your precious bundle of joy, if so, good for you, because the nine months after I had my sweetie were worse than the nine months carrying her.

Now let me explain why the feelings above are totally normal, and totally OK.

  1. Its normal to cry, because of all the hormones for one, but also because you just went thru a life altering event, and its gonna be rough for the next few months until you get the swing of things. Cry. It's better to get it out.
  2.  I went thru ups and downs for months after my love was born.. there is so much to learn being a new parent. And more often than not, it's overwhelming. But the ups more than make up for the downs. 
  3. again.. life altering, you'll figure all this out soon enough! 
  4. I have days still, where I look at my body and wish for my old one. Nothing is as tight as it once was. I have stretch marks all over my tummy. Nothing* is the same. It weighs me down a lot sometimes still, but I HAVE to remember what a blessing and amazing thing took place behind those stretch marks. The sweet life that I was able to bring into this world. The little face that smiles up at me, the sweet lips that say maaammmaaa! And the warm cuddles I get every morning, The excited face when I go to get her out of the bed. Each stretch mark is more than worth any change I went thru. My  husband loves me for who I am, and thinks I still look great. At the end of the day, you just have to remember to love yourself and love your little family.. because once it's all over, they're who mattered the whole time. Not the fancy clothes, the makeup, car's, houses, just the sweet hugs from your loves.
  5. I went thru periods where I wouldn't wear bright neon pink anymore, because " mom's don't wear colors like that ", or I would go to the other extreme and dye my hair to feel like a new woman. Becoming a mom, you sometimes have an identity crisis.. it's hard to know where you fit in the world now, but just be happy, love your baby and It'll all come back to you. Think of yourself as, new and improved!
  6. When this happened, I would go on a vacation to the grocery store, although more often than not, I'd go to target. Alone, of course my hubby would watch my girlie, and I would feel HORRIBLE for leaving her, so I'd rush home soon after leaving. Nevertheless getting out of the house alone felt amazing and helped me calm down and cool my jetts after a long day of baby screams. P.s. I promise it gets better
  7. I know I sure did.. again with the figuring out who you are now thing. 
  8. I went thru a lot of changes after having my babe.. from dry peeling skin on my face, to my new leaking boobs, it was all crazy and I look back now and laugh.. so many worries over truly nothing. you live and learn ;)
  9. I still do. I was sure the baby pounds ( although I was still heavy before I got pregnant ) would melt off as fast as I put them on. Boy was I wrong! But my advice to you, is don't fret about the pounds.. your baby grows so fast, enjoy them, hug them, hold them and be happy. There is nothing sweeter than cuddling with your new infant, just relax and be happy, they'll come off eventually. Right??
  10. Enough said. ;
I hope you found this helpful, I could go on and on. ;) 

Monday, December 31, 2012

Things that Urk My Bubble!

Public bathrooms without changing tables. Seriously? What on earth? Its one of my biggest pet peeves! They have high chairs but no changing table?? Don't even get me started on breast feeding rooms.

Buying a product you think will be awesome based on reviews, to find out it sucks.

Purchasing a new article of clothing, to wear it once and discovered it has a hole in it, or a stain. Both of which you have no idea how they happened.

When my dogs bark at the weather.

When my daughter screams for no reason, other than wanting her way.

When you have to wash the same load of laundry, because you forgot you put it in the dryer, to discover that it must not have gotten dry all the way, and mildewed in the dryer.

Charging your phone at night, because its almost dead, to wake up and find the charger not plugged into the electrical socket. (dead as a doornail)

When people pee on the toilet seat and don't clean it off. (specifically in public places!)

When I am out of diapers, run to the store and find they are out of the kind I use, in her size. (yesterday a lady walked right in front of me, grabbed the size I needed, walked, looked back and smiled. ) GRRR!

 Renting a movie from redbox, to get it home and Find it doesn't work because the dvd is damaged.

Buying fruit to find it molded the next day. 

When my husband leaves the tooth paste on the counter.
( with tooth paste in the sink )

Purchasing a new eye liner ( self advancing ) to find that it won't "advance" out of the stick tube. GRR!! 

When the dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes, and makes them worse than they were before.

I think that's enough for today! lol.. Though all the bad, don't forget to smile and remember it could be so much worse!! 

Keep your chins up and keep on keeping on! xOxO guys!!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

New makeup guru tag video

Hey guys! I just made a new makeup guru tag video on youtube! Come check it out at!! xOxO! -Ashley