Monday, December 31, 2012

Things that Urk My Bubble!

Public bathrooms without changing tables. Seriously? What on earth? Its one of my biggest pet peeves! They have high chairs but no changing table?? Don't even get me started on breast feeding rooms.

Buying a product you think will be awesome based on reviews, to find out it sucks.

Purchasing a new article of clothing, to wear it once and discovered it has a hole in it, or a stain. Both of which you have no idea how they happened.

When my dogs bark at the weather.

When my daughter screams for no reason, other than wanting her way.

When you have to wash the same load of laundry, because you forgot you put it in the dryer, to discover that it must not have gotten dry all the way, and mildewed in the dryer.

Charging your phone at night, because its almost dead, to wake up and find the charger not plugged into the electrical socket. (dead as a doornail)

When people pee on the toilet seat and don't clean it off. (specifically in public places!)

When I am out of diapers, run to the store and find they are out of the kind I use, in her size. (yesterday a lady walked right in front of me, grabbed the size I needed, walked, looked back and smiled. ) GRRR!

 Renting a movie from redbox, to get it home and Find it doesn't work because the dvd is damaged.

Buying fruit to find it molded the next day. 

When my husband leaves the tooth paste on the counter.
( with tooth paste in the sink )

Purchasing a new eye liner ( self advancing ) to find that it won't "advance" out of the stick tube. GRR!! 

When the dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes, and makes them worse than they were before.

I think that's enough for today! lol.. Though all the bad, don't forget to smile and remember it could be so much worse!! 

Keep your chins up and keep on keeping on! xOxO guys!!


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